Logos is a social and cultural project by Gohar Davtyan. The project is aimed at creating an oasis of calmness and harmony in the modern world and restoring the balance and sense of joy that were once lost in the pursuit of success. 

When travelling around the picturesque places of Armenia, Gohar Davtyan realized: a place with a unique atmosphere is very close. It is in a small village called Tegher, which existed peacefully for centuries on the slopes of silent mountains. One can see the biblical Mount Ararat on one side and the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary made of dark volcanic tuff in the 12th century on the other side there. That’s a unique ‘place of power’. 

Seven generations of priests from the family of Gohar Davtyan’s spouse performed their spiritual service in that beautiful village, among the aromas of mountain herbs and green gardens. The space that connects the body and spirit is concentrated in that very place. According to Ms. Davtyan’s plan, the word ‘Logos’ will be the only thing interrupting the ringing silence of the mountains there.

That’s how Logos, the name of the spiritual retreat, appeared. 

A hotel in Tegher was built only a year after the appearance of the idea. It became the venue for the launch of a unique original programme called The Road Home. That programme is a guide to the most important person: to oneself. 

The programme participants get the opportunity to create a happy version of themselves by discovering and accepting themselves. After all, we can broadcast our happiness to the world only after becoming happy.

Gohar Davtyan organised a set of programmes within the project. She combined acquaintance with the traditions of the rich history of Noah with Mount Ararat known as his biblical ark’s landing place, unique excursions and hiking tours around the mountains, during which travellers walk from the mountain peaks covered with ice to the shining alpine valleys, participation in the ancient festivals and dances of the Armenian people, workshops, training sessions, meditations, yoga classes, and spiritual practices.

After that, the village where the hotel was built came alive. Roads and electricity appeared there. Residents of the village got jobs and started supplying the hotel with farm products and village food. During culinary workshops, programme participants can cook various Armenian dishes. The Armenian cuisine has its roots in the mysterious history of the epoch of Sumerians and the period of the ancient kingdom of Urartu. 

The abundance of culinary plants and vegetables, the incredible variety of cheeses, ecologically clean products and fruit absorbing the energy of the sun and the care of the land of the blessed Ararat Valley certainly restore the energy of the guests and give them back the joy of full life. 

Guests come to Logos to learn to relax, to hear their inner voice, to enjoy the ringing silence of the mountains, to find harmony, and to boost their energy level thanks to culture and history of ancient Armenia. When coming home, they feel refreshed and happy.

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