Global Talents

The Global Talents all-Russian web-portal for supplementary education provides a unique educational environment aimed at identifying and supporting talented schoolchildren. The website creates equal conditions for socialization and development of school students including those with disabilities in all regions of Russia irrespective of their social status, age, religion, or nationality. Global Talents uses original methods of interaction with schoolchildren that promote their creative, professional, and social fulfilment.

When taking active part in the Global Talents project's work, schoolchildren form their portfolios, develop their talents, acquire knowledge and useful skills, have an opportunity to win valuable prizes, gain the support of professionals, and make their names known countrywide.

Marina Volynkina suggested students of the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies to create the Global Talents website.

Since 2014, she has been the leader and chief ideologist of the project. A friendly team of IGUMO professionals and students is involved in the project's work. For them, educating young people is one of the most important life goals.

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