About Peace 50

The World NEEDS Peace

The Peace 50 community brings together women leaders from all over the world who are concerned about the planet's future. They are all experts in their fields, influential social figures, and implementers of one or several social projects.

Founders of the community:

  • Barbara Dietrich - Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Magazine (Belgium);
  • Marina Volynkina - Rector of IGUMO, Head of the Global Women Media news agency (Russia).


The concept of the Peace 50 community is based on a deep idea: to unite women from all continents who achieved professional status and preserved enthusiasm, care, and desire to preserve peace on Earth and to let them contribute to solving global problems. 


Peace 50 members believe that it is possible to lead the world to sustainable development only through establishing strong horizontal relations among countries. 

Women are naturally endowed with empathy. That’s why they develop this kind of communication easily. Horizontal relations differ from vertical relations in the fact that all their participants are equal and the relations are based on universal values, sincere interest to the interlocutor, and a heart-to-heart dialogue.


Caring communication makes it possible to expand horizons and erase any borders even between whole states. 


Peace 50 members are united by their social projects. Women’s social projects filled with positive energy, care, and unconditional love harmonize the space, give people self-confidence, and promote sincere understanding.


The slogan of the Peace 50 community is “building connections from heart to heart”. Its members interact with one another through women’s soft diplomacy, which is based on a deep love for Earth and for people who live on the planet.

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