Women's Leadership Forum

Women's Leadership Forum (WLForum) is a community of active and successful women being the opinion leaders in their companies, businesses, and social environment. The community hosts special meetings every month to provide its participants with communication and experience exchange. In addition, the WLForum is annually held in May. Such meetings make it possible to erase the barriers preventing women from starting a particular activity or taking the next step in their career and life. The speakers of the forum use their own examples to show that it is possible to become a leader at any age and under any circumstances. The main thing is to have certain life principles and to realise your role and mission in this world.

The community participants include successful women from different spheres of activity from leaders of big business and social entrepreneurs to presidents of charity funds. At the same time, they are all united by spiritual depth, sincere kindness, love for their work, and willingness to share it with other people.

Svetlana Landa, co-founder of the Women's Leadership Forum, founder of the Style of Life Academy international coaching centre.

Alina Barinova, co-founder of the Women's Leadership Forum, Chairperson of Profcom professional community of experts in corporate social activities.

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